Why Choose Renaissance Health

Whether you are at the peak of your career, or just getting started, RMA has a medical option to suit your needs. Allow us to protect your well-being, because health comes first.

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While At Home
Or Away

You can manage your claims, benefits and
queries through your cell phone
or register on-line on our
portal. Or by the push of
a button pin point your
location in case of
a medical emergency ….

My Chronic Medication

Increase your life-threatening chronic
medication limits when you run
out of benefits at no extra
cost by simply apply for
your benefit extender…

My Day-To-Day Benefits

Add any day to day benefit form optical
to dentistry or consultation
when you or your family
deplete a benefit
during the year …

My Unused
Medical Benefits

If you are a low claimer then we will take
your unused benefits and
carry it forward to next
year meaning you do
not lose what you do
not use…